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Wills and estates

When it comes to estate planning, we are here for you in Kauai 

We'll make the estate planning process as easy as possible
Attorney Walton Hong of Lihue, HI has been assisting clients across all of Kauai with estate planning, drawing upwills, andprobate mattersfor years. Too often people delay writing a will or making plans for their estate until they're sick, injured, or mourning a loss. Times like these are often the worst ones for making the difficult decisions that these matters require. That's why we encourage clients to think about the future of their property and how it can affect their family's security, and to plan accordingly. We're waiting in Lihue to help you, so please call our law office at any time.

Estate planning assistance in Lihue, HI

Estate planning

Attorney at law Walton Hong is dedicated to helping Kauai residents make the most of their estate planning. Consider whether you would prefer your family to have financial security, or if you want your estate to be eaten up by taxes. While our firm operates fairly and lawfully, there are many legal steps you can take in estate planning that will limit your tax burden and help you maintain your estate. We know how to protect your property, so talk to us in Lihue today. 

Writing a will

Walton Hong has been practicing in Lihue for years, so he understands the importance of having an up-to-date will. Mr. Hong can help you create a will, or can draw up a living will for you. Save your family from the possibility of fighting amongst themselves and make your wishes clear with a will drawn up by our firm. 

Probate law

When it comes to matters of probate law, you won't find a more experienced law office in Kauai than that of Walton Hong. Our mission is to make sure that our client's last wishes are handled properly and fairly. If you would like us to assist you or your loved ones with this emotional part of the law, please contact us today. We're here to help.

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